Wireless Lumee Oxygen Platform Cleared in EU

The European Union cleared Profusa’s Wireless Lumee Oxygen Platform, a system designed to measure tissue oxygen levels in patients with diseases such as peripheral artery disease and critical limb ischemia.

The wired version of the Lumee was cleared in Europe back in 2016 and the new device fundamentally works the same. It consists of a small hydrogel sensor, which comes with its own injector, that has fluorescent particles attached to its body. An electronic wireless patch is placed over the spot where the sensor is injected under the skin. When the fluorescent molecules come in contact with oxygen they can be made to glow with the assistance of a light source inside the patch. The more oxygen is present, the brighter the glow. The patch can detect how bright this glow is, providing a pretty good measure of tissue oxygen.

This data can now be transferred wirelessly to a paired tablet that can display live and previously recorded oxygen readings.

The technology may have useful applications other than for limb ischemia and peripheral artery disease, including for use in sports medicine clinics and ambulatory care facilities.

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