Medtech in a Minute: Philips Regulatory Win, Eko’s Telemedicine Play, and More

Philips Wins Regulatory Nod for Clinical Surveillance Biosensor

Philips won a nod from FDA and a CE mark for a next-generation wireless wearable biosensor to help monitor COVID-19 patients in hospital. The Amsterdam, Netherlands-based company touts its next-generation device as being able to enhance clinical surveillance in its patient deterioration detection solution to help clinicians detect risk so they can intervene earlier and help improve care in lower acuity care areas.


Eko Moves Deeper into Telemedicine in the Age of Social Distancing

The digital health company is launching a platform that will combine its cardiac monitoring technology with telehealth. The company said the platform incorporates its digital stethoscope and ECG live-streaming with embedded video conferencing and FDA-cleared algorithms for heart murmur and atrial fibrillation detection.


Will Emerging Contact Tracing Solutions Be Put to Work?
Resolve to Save Lives, an initiative launched by global health organization Vital Strategies, released a playbook that describes four essential actions governments need to take to reopen society quickly and safely in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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