Medtech in a Minute: Contact Tracing, NFL Face Masks, and More

Google and Apple Launch Highly Anticipated Contact Tracing Technology

The two tech rivals have developed the Exposure Notification technology which can inform someone if they may have come in contact with a person that was diagnosed with COVID-19. The move comes as more tech companies are stepping up to help in the fight against the pandemic. The Exposure Notification has the specific goal of rapid notification, which is especially important to slow the spread of the disease with a virus that can be spread asymptomatically.

NFL Explores Modified Face Masks for Player Helmets

The medical director for the NFL Players Association told ESPN’s Adam Schefter during a podcast that NFL engineers and Oakley are working on prototypes of new helmets and facemasks to protect players from the coronavirus when the league returns to the field. Thom Mayer said fans could see players sporting new visors that cover their full face or something that includes surgical or N95 material. Mayer says he doesn’t know yet exactly what the modifications will look like but if it works, he quipped, he wants them to be called “Mayer Masks.”

3 Roche Companies Hope to Make Clinical Trials More Efficient

Flatiron Health, Foundation Medicine, and Genentech have launched the Prospective Clinico-Genomic (PCG) feasibility study. All three companies are owned by Roche. The PCG study will pilot the use of a technology-enabled prospective data collection platform to facilitate, streamline, and simplify the execution of clinical trials for patients living with advanced lung cancer.

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