Match A Resident’s Compatibility Score Explained

Each year, Match A Resident strives to provide aspiring residency candidates the most current and relevant information about Residency Programs. We contact thousands of programs directly to ensure accuracy that goes beyond what you can find just by searching the web. Our unique algorithm compares your Step Scores, Time Since Graduation, amount of US Clinical Experience (USCE), and Visa Status with programs’ requirements and preferences. This allows us to deliver a Customized Residency Program List along with a Compatibility Score that helps you determine which programs on your list are best aligned with your qualifications.

What is the Compatibility Score?

Compatibility Score

Our Customized Residency Lists consist of programs you qualify for based on their minimum requirements. But, what if you cannot afford to apply to all the programs on your List? The Compatibility Score shows you which residency programs are the top choices for you.

Essentially, these scores are based on a comparison between your applicant criteria versus the minimum requirements of a program. Individual program scores consider the program’s requirements, your applicant criteria, IMG friendliness, program prestige, and beyond.

The compatibility criteria are given numerical values, with 100 being the highest, and added up to calculate the final Compatibility Score. So, the more you meet and exceed a program’s minimum requirements, the higher your score!

The truth is, some residency programs are more compatible with your criteria than others. Our Compatibility Score feature provides the next level of guidance to your program research and improves how you select programs.

Other Helpful Features

Match A Resident’s Customized Program Lists include several additional features that help you efficiently manage the Match process:

To learn more about these features, visit us at Match A Resident today!

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