How to Sort Anki by Date Added/Created on Desktop or iOS

Ever wondered how to find the Anki cards you made most recently? Want to sort Anki by the date your cards were created? It’s simple! Here are the instructions for sorting Anki cards by date added/created on the Desktop or iOS apps.

First, Go to the “Browse” Window on the Desktop Anki App

Next, Right-Click One of the Headings, and Select “Created”

Finally, Click the “Created” Heading to Sort by Date Created

On iOS App:

On the iOS app, the process is similar.

First, Open the Deck of Interest

Select Anki Deck

Select Anki Deck

Next, Click “Browse”

Hit “Browse”

Hit “Options” and Select “Column 2”

Select “Options”

Next, Make Sure “Note Created” is Selected

Select “Column 2”

Hit “Options” Again and Hit “Sort: Sort Field”

Select “Options”

Hit “Sort: Sort Field”

Select “Second Column (9 → 1)

Hit “Second Column (9 → 1)”

Now, iOS Anki Cards Are Sorted by Date Added (Newest First)

Anki Cards Are Sorted by Date Created (Newest First)

That’s It!

Now you can find the Anki cards you’ve made most recently. Alternatively, you can sort by the cards you made longest ago!

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