Changes to the ERAS application for the 2023-2024 Match cycle

The 2023-2024 Match cycle has begun! Here are some changes to the ERAS application that the AAMC has made for the next Match.

Supplemental ERAS application

The supplemental ERAS application was designed to help programs get a more complete picture of each applicant by asking them to share experiences that have shaped them. After using the Supplemental ERAS for two Match cycles, the AAMC has decided to eliminate the supplemental application. Instead, they have taken what they have learned to revise the ERAS application.

Changes to the ERAS application – “Experiences” section

There will be several changes to the “experiences” section.

Until now, applicants were allowed any number of experiences in this section. Now, applicants can include up to 10.

Additionally, applicants can select their top three most meaningful experiences and describe them using a short description. This will help communicate who they are and what is most important to them.

Second, the application previously collected limited information about each experience entry (e.g., position, organization, timeframe, location). Now, it will collect more descriptive information, including:

  1. frequency of participation
  2. experience type
  3. additional questions to clarify each experience
  4. Short descriptions focused on critical information. This includes roles, responsibilities, and context for all experiences entries. This helps programs complete a more holistic review.

Addition of Program Signals

Residency applicants applying to selected specialties and programs will be able to signal participating programs about their interest. Again, this is limited to residency applicants applying to specialties and programs that opt-in to participate in program signals.

Impactful Experience 

Now, applicants can describe any challenges or hardships that influenced their journey to residency. This could include experiences related to family background, financial background, community setting, educational experiences, or general life experiences. Here, applicants who have overcome major challenges or obstacles can communicate what they’ve gone through and highlight their strengths.

Updates to Geographic Information

Finally, applicants can communicate their preference or lack of preference for a particular geographic division and urban or rural settings.

We’re always here to help!

Now, you can start preparing for the 2024 Match! Start all of your application prep early and contact us if you have any questions at!


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